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Comstock Park JV Basketball Takes Two Over Sparta

Rivalries always add an extra spark to the gym and Thursday night’s contests were no different in Comstock Park. Despite things being icy outside, the gym was on fire all night with stellar play on the court and excited fans in the stands.

The Comstock Park boys junior varsity fought off surge after surge by the Spartans in the final quarter and withstood the attack as it was elevated in the final minutes. The Panthers managed to seal the game at the free throw line and ran off the court in excited fashion.

The Panther girls took less time to establish their path to victory and were able to force turnovers by poking away the dribble or intercepting the Spartan pass attempts. Even with a solid lead, the game remained competitive with the Spartans refusing to quit against their rivals.

Both teams will meet again later in the season and it will be interesting to see how much the tides may turn in the intervening weeks.

Kelloggsville Rockets Grounded in League Play at Sparta

It didn’t take long for the Sparta Spartans to make it obvious that the Rockets were not cleared for takeoff on Thursday night.

Sparta got a bucket to fall and immediately put on the full court pressure, which proved too much for the Kelloggsville backcourt. That, in turn, led to chance after chance at putting the ball in the hoop on breakaways and opportunities for further full court defense.

It took less than a quarter for things to be out of reach for the visiting Rockets and the Spartans are primed for tonight’s rivalry matchup on the road against neighboring Comstock Park tonight.