Representative Justin Amash (MI-3rd) Breaks Fundraising Record Ahead of 2020

February 3, 2020

Amash breaks district record with fourth quarter fundraising

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – Rep. Justin Amash, the independent incumbent in Michigan’s Third Congressional District, on Friday announced a fourth quarter fundraising haul of nearly $600,000.

With net contributions totaling $592,362, Amash brought in the highest quarterly total ever recorded for the district and more than all 10 challengers in both parties combined.

Demonstrating Amash’s strength with the grassroots, he raised nearly $350,000 through unitemized small-dollar donations—over 200 times the $1,698 in small-dollar donations raised by his closest total-dollar competitor. Over 1,000 of Amash’s unitemized donations came from Michigan, highlighting his ongoing support from the community.

In the fourth quarter alone, Amash received support from over 12,000 individuals, including roughly 10 times as many Michigan donors as his closest total-dollar competitor.

“I’m especially grateful to the people of my district, who have been so supportive and kind,” said Amash. “I’m humbled and honored to represent you as an independent.”

Amash ended the year having raised over $1,000,000, with $720,000 cash on hand and no debt.

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