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Calvin University Short Film Showcase

Calvin University will be hosting the bi-annual showcase of films produced by the university media department on Monday, December 9. The event is open and free to the public in the Covenant Fine Arts Center with refreshments to follow.

This year’s themed attire for the event is “the Oscars,” so attendees are encouraged to dress their absolute best.

The showcase will present various projects of all genres produced over the last few months, including: The Monster Under the Bed, The New Blood, and The Hooded Man Downstairs.

The Monster Under the Bed tells the story of a young girl whose mother is away, and her father tells her it’s due to a monster. The film is directed by Zachery Renauldo and inspired by the story of Dana Drosdick.

The New Blood is the story of a young woman bringing her boyfriend home to meet her father, but with a different twist to it. The film is directed and written by David Swartzentruber.

The Hooded Man Downstairs is based on a true story written by Shi’Anna Whitman and directed by Alexis Bonner. It is the story of a young woman who stands up to her abusive step-father while coping with an immense loss.

The show will be held in the Covenant Fine Arts Center and will begin at 7 pm. Reservations are not required, though attendees are encouraged to arrive early as seats are limited and expected to fill quickly.

Tebow Talk at Calvin University

During his hour visit at Calvin University, ESPN commentator and New York Times bestselling author Tim Tebow spoke little about his time as a professional athlete and more about his path and upbringing. He talked about the difficulties in making decisions and choosing God’s will and way, how he questioned his choices once he made them.

“Adversity may take your momentum, but it can never take you passion.” – Tim Tebow

Tebow spoke about what success meant to him, and how important it is to be significant rather than successful. This mindset was the result of his founding of the Tim Tebow Foundation, which strives to provide opportunities for those less fortunate and those with special needs. After his trip to the Philippines with his church, and meeting the boy with his feet on backwards, Tebow was inspired to do more and be more than compete in professional sports and a celebrity icon.

Speaking to an audience of mostly college students and visiting high school students, Tebow spoke about adversity, how people shouldn’t be discouraged by difficulties but rather let them be an encouragement. One’s purpose isn’t tied to anything on earth, Tebow reminded the crowd. “Adversity may take your momentum, but it can never take your passion,” Tebow told Calvin’s audience.

Grand Rapids’ Upcoming Visitor: Tim Tebow


NFL quarterback and devoted Christian Tim Tebow will be making a visit to Calvin University’s campus on Thursday, October 24. Tebow will serve as the keynote speaker for the Second Global Congress on Sport and Christianity conference, which is being co-sponsored by Calvin University and Hope College. 

While maintaining his spotlight in professional athletics, Tebow also started the Tim Tebow Foundation, with its main purpose to serve children in need in the United States and abroad. He is also an author of three bestselling books and currently pursuing a career in professional baseball; spending the last four seasons within the New York Mets minor league system.

For more information on Tebow’s upcoming talk at Calvin, visit the event’s Facebook page. For information on tickets to attend his talk, visit www.calvin.universitytickets.com